About Us

Green Forest Products, with over 60 years of combined experience in the panel products business, is the representing agent for Endesa-Botrosa (Tropical hardwood plywood). With our focus on one product line and close relationship with the mill, we are able to provide superior customer service and consistent, top quality to our selected customer base. Our customers purchase Sandeply products in full mixed containers (16 crates) shipped directly from the mill or pull from preselected thickness inventories that are maintained at 5 US ports on the east and west coasts for shorter lead times.

From the forest to the finished panel, our process is 100% integrated. With over 40 years of experience, Endesa-Botrosa, a family owned company with two high tech mills, produces only the finest quality panels. The wood comes from 100% sustainably managed forests and plantations. The species mix used produces a very stable and consistent panel, and the tightly monitored Quality Control process ensures that you get panels produced to the highest standards – every piece, every time.

  • Fully Integrated Single Source = Consistent quality and performance   
  • 0.8mm (Whole Piece) face/back thickness – Face triple sanded to 180 grit
  • Versatility: Paint or Stain grade. Great for cabinetry, furniture, and laminating
  • Backed by 40 years of experience, resulting in the most stable and top quality hardwood panels available